02 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman began life as a child sculpted from clay by the Amazon queen Hippolyta, who beseeched the gods of Mount Olympus to animate the sculpture as her daughter. Named after a heroic aviatrix who had once crashed on the Amazons’ island of Themyscira, Princess Diana was raised by the warrior sisterhood. In adulthood, she bested all of her sisters in a Contest to choose an ambassador to the world of man (“Patriarch’s World”) and was awarded the mantle of Wonder Woman, armed with a magical golden lasso and bulletproof bracelets as she carried the Amazons’ message of peace. Wonder Woman’s adventurous exploits quickly made her a media sensation. She is a respected member of the Justice League of America and presently serves as Themyscira’s ambassador to the United Nations.


Blessed with powers of the Olympian gods, including great strength, speed, and agility; bracelets deflect bullets; unbreakable golden lasso compels anyone bound by it to speak only the truth.