05 Hawkgirl


As a teenager, troubled orphan Kendra Saunders discovered that she was inhabited by the spirit of the ancient Egyptian princess Chay-Ara. Like her lover and soulmate Prince Khufu, Chay-Ara was destined to be reincarnated through the ages, continually reuniting as Hawkman and Hawkgirl, respectively, due to exposure to anti-gravity Nth metal from a downed Thanagarian spacecraft. Kendra accepted her role as Hawkgirl and joined the latest incarnation of the JSA after her uncle—1940s adventurer Speed Saunders—trained her for super-heroics. Ironically, however, Kendra has yet to develop the same ardent feelings for Hawkman —her JSA teammate—that Chay-Ara has felt and rekindled through the ages.


Wing-manoeuvred flight enabled by anti-gravity Nth metal; wields a variety of ancient weapons; expert hand-to-hand combatant.