08 Kang

Vital stats
Real Name: Nathaniel Richards
Height: 1.91 m
Weight: 104 kgs

Powers & abilities
Possesses no superhuman abilities, but courtesy of 40th century technology, has mastered combat and tactics.
Thoroughly versed in the principles of time travel.
Wears highly advanced battle armour that enhances his strength, capable of energy hologram and force field projection and the ability to control other forms of technology.
Via his “time-ship” has access to technology from any century.

Born in the far-off year 3000, Nathanial Richards’ thirst for power and significance compelled him to conquer the dimension of time. As the armoured anachronaut Kang, he visited his will upon countless eras throughout history. Known alternately as Immortus, Pharaoh Rama-Tut and the Scarlet Centurion – Kang’s multiple lives through the ages have become progressively non-linear and each temporal foray creates more divergent counterparts with their own loathsome agendas. In some ways Kang’s quest for historical domination has been too successful, as he perpetually comes into conflict with alternate versions of himself!